James DiPisa, Ph.D. had extensive training in family therapy and hypnotherapy and is certified in positive psychology. Jim obtained a certificate in Positive Psychology in 2017.  At the same time, he developed an interest in yoga and meditation.


Most of Jim’s career was spent working with young people.  He was a staff psychologist at an inner-city pediatric clinic. In this position, he was also an instructor for Yale Medical School, Department of Pediatrics. For most of his career, Jim also maintained a private practice where he specialized in family therapy.


Jim spent a number of years working as a school psychologist in an inner-city high school.  In addition to his assigned caseload, Jim proudly served as faculty advisor to the school’s Gay Student Association.  


Also, while working with the students in the school’s Junior ROTC program Jim facilitated the building of a memorial garden for the two school alumni who had been killed in action in Vietnam. Jim also served in the Vietnam war and coordinated a program to help soldiers who had become addicted to heroin and other drugs.


Jim is now a newlywed living in western Massachusetts with his wife Liz. He’s involved with several organizations that address issues of the environment, politics, and animal welfare. Jim is delighted to be part of the team developing Happily Ever Actions.  When you come to one of our workshops you will recognize him — he's the only member of the team with a white beard!