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Joseph Bologna and Donna Martire – Two Stratford residents team up for the second time in 50 years for a performance of a different kind!

These two former Rock and Rollers have teamed up to publish a photographic journey into happiness and spirituality. Photos from around the world are combined with blessings for the reader, quotes, and insights from over 20 different spiritual practices.

Ladies' Power Lunch Coffee Break
With Donna Martire Miller
 Joy and well being in any climate

Does it help to focus on our problems?

What does showing up have to do with being happy?

What daily activities can we do to remain unshakable in our happiness even in tough times?

Do we have permission to be magnificent?

Wellness and Happiness Professor, Donna shares the answers in the video below.

The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Joseph Bologna on Redefining Masculinity

Man up!” “Be a man!” “Are you man enough?” Well… can you? Are you?


Are you sure of who you are as a man? Maybe you’ve given it a lot of thought and struggled. Maybe it never occurred to you to explore this topic! Either way, it is now time to think deeply of who we are and who we want to be in the world. And that includes expressions of our gender identity.


The concept of what makes a man, what really defines his masculinity, has been the topic of much debate, exploration, and controversy in recent years. In this compilation of insightful essays, our group of thought leaders and men reflect on what shaped their own masculinity.


Dream with them of a future where masculinity is no longer a topic around the battle of self, but instead embraces a vision of healthy strength and balance, and a strong sense of who you can be as a modern man in a constantly changing and challenging world. We explore topics such as: Defining the word masculinity - both its negative and positive uses Moving beyond toxic masculinity Self-expression Vulnerability Intimacy The role of ethnicity and racism Relationships Expressions of faith Ego Relating to the same and to opposite genders.


Soul-R Powered

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Ever heard of a "Happiness Professor"? Well, you're about to! My guest is another one of the authors from "Transformation 2020 - Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology" - Donna Martire Miller. Donna has lived quite the fascinating life.


She's been a touring musician, she's an author, and she's studied happiness and has taught it on a college level. Join us for a fascinating conversation about happiness, choices, spirituality, and a truly mind-blowing anecdote about Bonnie Raitt.


Donna has an easy-going presence and radiates what she teaches. And I cannot wait to get my hands on the books she's working on.

Soul-R Powered

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Donna Martire Miller and Joe Bologna have put together a truly breathtaking book called The View From Within: Spiritual Pathways to Happiness. With photos from Joe and the words of Donna, they've traveled the world to speak with and share the stories of figures from many of the world's religious and spiritual practices.

To me, the most beautiful lesson I took away from "The View From Within" is that no matter how our beliefs and our practices look, we're all after the same thing...peace.

Also, Joe and I are co-authors in another little Amazon bestseller "Redefining Masculinity." No big deal.