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Positive Psychology Sampler

Learn how to broaden your opportunities for more positive emotion to engage fully with your life, build more positive relationships, find meaning and celebrate accomplishment.

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Mindfulness & Character Strength 

Learn specific mindfulness based strength practices and strategies.

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Your Happiness Matters!

Learn about your ability to be sustainably happy. Tap into your ability to be more creative, productive, successful, and healthy.

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Power and Wonder of Gratitude

Grateful living is an active way to approach life. It results in greater peace, joy, compassion, health and well-being.

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Experience the physical and emotional effects of love that promotes bonding and connection.

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Whole Person Happiness

Understand all the components that add up to whole person happiness and well being. 

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Live, Thrive and Flourish

Connecting to your authentic self, building life satisfaction, and creating more positive emotion. 

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Overcoming Loneliness with Self Compassion

Developing concern for the alteration of loneliness. Learn mindfulness strategies of active kindness and understanding life's experiences as part of a larger human experience.

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The Peaceful


A specific action plan to create your desired environment.

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"Involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children that no other person is likely to bring." -Life Without Father 

Designed to help fathers build a platform for a thriving future for themselves and their family. 

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