Finding your Path to Happiness

What is Happily Ever Actions?
A message from our founder, Donna Martire Miller. 

Happily Ever Actions is an organization that caters to the whole person, no matter the age, gender, culture, the skills we teach are universal. They promise health and happiness.


Our team offers workshops, classes, retreats, public speaking, engagements, keynotes, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 


All services available...live and virtual.

Take a look through our site to learn more about how Happily Ever Actions can help elevate your life and guide you to reach your authentic self. 


Donna Martire Miller

Donna Martire Miller is the founder of Happily Ever Actions. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Organizational Human Resource Development and is a graduate of the Positive Psychology Program. Donna is the author of many books on happiness. 

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Confident Businesswoman

What Science
Tells Us 

 Improves physical and mental health.

 Improves the quality of life.

Discover and utilize your character strengths.

Bring to light your ideal self.

Build your gratitude muscle and shift to

 a benefit-finding mindset.

 (Helps to alleviate anxiety and depression) 
Outcomes include more love, connection, and hope.


Elevate your life with S.P.I.R.E

The Five Perspectives of Well-Being

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"By taking the whole into account, the greatest well-being can be realized. We call that whole being; and we use the term as

our definition of happiness."


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Let's find the bigger story in you.

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